Learning to Love Your Body

July 19, 2017

 I wouldn't say that I'm not happy with my body, but there are times that I look at other girls and I think to myself, "Damn I wish I had her butt or her big boobs!"  It is so easy to get caught up on Instagram and judge your body based on seeing what you think is body perfection.  The more I come into my own, I appreciate my body even more.  I am unique with my high waist, long ass, and small boobs.  My hips aren't big and I don't have a super tiny waist.  It's so much easier to appreciate your body when you realize that everybody is not built the same and that we are beautiful in our own way.  I'm not saying that you should find validation in what others think of your body, but what you may feel is unattractive about your body there are people who think you are perfect.  What I've learned though the more positive outlook you have for your body, the more you begin to appreciate yourself and love yourself.  When you love yourself, you begin to illuminate a light that others can see and that is very attractive.  On my journey to loving my body, I started focusing on the parts of me that I did love and that outweighed what I wish I had.  You can still admire other people's bodies, but don't forget that you wear a body that is perfect for you.  Afterall, self-love is the best love.  It brings about the self-confidence that you never knew existed.

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