The Best Shampoos and Conditioners Based on Your Hair Care Needs

May 31, 2017

There are different shampoos and conditioners, that are suited all hair types and hair care needs.  Choosing which products to use can sometimes become overwhelming.  In order to achieve the perfect hairstyle you want and the best hair possible, it is important to use the correct shampoo and conditioner.  I generally keep several different shampoos and conditioners because my hair needs different things at different times.  Listed below are the types of shampoos and conditioners on the market.

Clarifying or cleansing shampoos are typically used when there is product buildup or the hair is oily.  This type of shampoo is perfect for people suffering from oily scalp.  Product buildup causes the hair to look oily or dirty.  Styling the hair becomes harder because the hair is very heavy, making it difficult to curl or have body.  Also with product buildup, dandruff can occur.  Cleansing shampoos are clear and doesn't have a creamy consistency.  The main ingredient is usually acetic acid or a sulfate, which causes the hair to dry out.  This type of shampoo is ideal for people with fine hair because they are prone to oily scalp.  I typically use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month or whenever I want to wear my hair straight.

Anti-fungal shampoos are used to combat dandruff causing fungus.  This is a medicated shampoo with key ingredients such as zinc and selenium.

Color treatment shampoos are the best shampoos for color treated hair.  These shampoos contains silicones, such as dimethicone, which is used to condition damaged color treated hair.  Be sure to stay away from shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate.  These sulfates strip the color from the hair follicles causing the hair color to fade and look dull.

Moisturizing shampoos are used to add moisture.  These shampoos are best for hair that is dry and chemically treated with relaxers and perms.  Moisturizing shampoos are creamy in consistency and contain oils, such as olive and sweet almond oil.  The oils coat the hair shaft, causing water to become trapped inside.  Since these shampoos contain many oils, the use of an emulsifier, such as magnesium stearate, is used as a binding agent to keep ingredients from separating.  This type of shampoo is also perfect for curly or coarse hair types.  Those hair types struggle with maintaining moisture because  naturals oils from the hair have a hard time traveling down the hair shaft.

Neutralizing shampoos are used to restore the normal pH levels of the hair after chemical processing such as relaxers, perms, and coloring.  It is especially used after rinsing out a relaxer, in order to stop the relaxer from processing the hair.  It is important to use a neutralizing shampoo afterwards in order to prevent hair breakage and scalp irritation.

Deep conditioners are used to restore moisture to the hair stripped away due to chemical processing, shampooing, and environmental factors.  Like all types of conditioners, it adds shine and softness to the hair. This type of conditioner is left in the hair for at least twenty minutes in order to penetrate and hydrate the hair.  It is contains humectants, such as glycerol, and many oils to help reduce the amount of frizz in the hair by sealing the hair follicles.  This type of conditioner is perfect for coarse hair and many curly hair-types.

Reconstructing conditioners are used on hair damaged.  These conditioners are rich in protein causing the hair to be restored with protein.  Restoring protein helps with the structure of the hair allow the hair become strong, which reduces breakage.  This type of conditioner is great for hair that's been chemically processed.

Normal conditioners are self-explanatory.  These conditioners don't stay in the hair very long and are quickly rinsed out.  This is your everyday conditioner if you aren't in need of something special.  The hair becomes more shinier, easier to comb, and smoother.

Leave-In conditioners are conditioners that doesn't require rinsing out.  It doesn't contain oils or creams, which can make the hair oily and heavy.  The main ingredient is usually glycerin, which controls detangling, adds moisture to hair, and allows the hair to become soft. This conditioner can be used after a rinse out conditioner.

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