Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Get The Perfect Twist Out and My New Hair Color

Hey guys!! I finally have something interesting to post.  I've been slacking so much, but eventually I will update regularly.  Last Friday I decided to recolor my hair.  I haven't colored my hair since last June because  blonde hair is a lot of maintenance.  If you don't care for your hair properly, it will be dry, brittle, and frizzy.  I couldn't resist the urge any longer and was tired of looking at my dark roots.  I was super bored at work and was looking at old pictures of my blonde hair, when I decided to get some dye after work.  You're not suppose to apply dye to hair that's already been dyed, but I don't play by the rules.  I've been doing this for seven years now.  I wouldn't suggest it because of the toll it takes on your hair, but I wanted an even color throughout my hair.  I tried a different dye this time because I would have to do a double application, with the old dyes I was using, in order to achieve blonde hair.  I used Creame of Nature dye this time because it turns your hair blonde in one application.  I found this out last year when I dyed some weave.  I let the color sit in my hair for 30 minutes.  My color came out a reddish blonde, which is different from what I normally been wearing.  I still love the color.  I'm not fond of dark hair on me.  After I dyed my hair, I deep conditioned it with coconut oil and Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Conditioner.  Once I was done deep conditioning my hair, I began to prep my hair for my twist out.  I detangled my hair and sectioned my hair off.  
In small sections, I applied Shea butter and then sealed it with argan oil.  After adding product, I made six flat twists in the front of my head.  I used a narrow toothed comb to comb through my hair, while twisting, so that my hair would remain smooth.  I added some gel to the ends of my hair and instead of two stranding twisting the ends, I twisted about a half inch of the remainder of my hair, with my fingers.  I like to do it that way because it gives my hair a spiral at the end instead of having straight ends.  For the back of my hair, I did individual two strand twists and made spirals with the ends.  I then applied grease to my scalp and slept with a silk bonnet overnight.  I kept my twists in for a day and half and carefully untwisted my hair, starting from the ends.  I fluffed my hair a little bit, to make it big, and I was done.  At night, I sleep with a satin bonnet and my hair is kept neatly the next day.

Before dying my hair

After dying my hair, no products added yet.

I used three boxes of this dye because my hair is thick

These are the products I used. Argan oil, shea butter, grease, and gel.

Front view of my twists

Another view

After taking my hair loose

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Argan Oil Used to Easily Straighten Natural Hair

Hey y'all, I have been neglecting my blog big time. I've been so overwhelmed with school and work. Also, I wanted to get a new layout before I wrote another post, but I couldn't resist blogging about my new favorite product. I've tried a lot or good products, but I never found a great product until now. My hairdresser texted me last week and sent a picture of a blow our she did on natural hair. I thought she straightened it because it was so silky. She told me she applied Argan oil to the hair after washing it, then proceeded to blow dry it. I went straight to Sally's and purchased One-N-Only Argan oil. It retails for about $5. After I washed my hair, I applied a quarter sized drop of oil to six different sections of my hair. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair will determine how much oil you need. I loved the smell of Argan oil and was very excited to feel how soft my hair felt. Once I applied the oil, I began to blow my hair out. Adding oil to wet hair is perfect for sealing in moisture. I added more oil after drying my hair, before I started flat ironing my hair. Usually I have to go through my hair 3 times with the flat iron, but this time one pull through was perfect. I was very enthused that I finally found the perfect leave in product. My hair usually frizz up at bit if it's humid outside, but I didn't have this problem at all. My hair has stayed frizz free and shiny for almost a week now. I suggest you try Argan oil not only to straighten your natural hair, but also to nourish your hair when it's in it's natural state. If you have a dandruff problem, this oil will do the trick.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How I Survived in Puerto Rico with $350

Last Friday I was able to go on a free trip to Puerto Rico.  My sister's friend paid for my flight and hotel because he was unable to go.  Unfortunately, his father had fallen ill and passed away.  Now all of my friends know that I am broke.  I was able to squeeze a few dollars from my boyfriend and grandmother.  I didn't find out I was going to Puerto Rico, until 12 hours before my flight.  Now this is the time to scream out YOLO because that was very much a "You Only Live Once" moment.  I packed enough clothes to last me until Monday, into a carry on.  I don't know how I did it, but I got it done.  I left with only $350 to spend, while in Puerto Rico.  We stayed in San Juan, which is the capital of PR and the largest city in the Caribbean.  I loved flying into San Juan because it was a beautiful site to see.  Crystal clear water, white sands, and lots of greenery.  Yes, I was really flying into paradise.  Once I arrived. my sister and I took a taxi to Old San Juan.  It was really beautiful in Old San Juan. 

Hair Gel to Lock in Curls

On most days, I don't apply gel to my hair depending on the weather.  I mostly apply hair gels whenever I'm going to an event and I want my curls to be perfect.  I try not to add too many products to my hair.  What I love about hair gel is that it keeps my curls very defined, after styling.  PVP is a polymer sealer, which is the main ingredient in hair gels.  PVP absorbs water and when dried, it locks strands of hair together.  This capability is what keeps curls defined and also reduces the chances of hair from frizzing tremendously.  The only gel I use in my hair is It Feels Like Sily by Elasta QP  I swear by this gel.  It's the only gel I found that does not leave my hair hard or have my hair feeling gritty afterwards.  Before applying the gel, I wet my hair, apply Cantu's leave in conditioning repair cream and then I apply jojoba and coconut oil.  Once I apply the gel, I scrunch my hair a lot.  Sometimes I will use a diffuser if I'm going somewhere and need my hair to dry instantly.  Most days. I let my hair air dry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Update On My Summer To Do List

So far I've completed one book. It's titled "The Free People of Color of New Orleans". It was a very quick and interesting read. I learned a few things, while reading it. I'm currently reading "The Happiness Project". So far I love it. It's basically helping me to become a better person, by learning certain things about my behavior and attitude. I feel like I should be a better person after reading it. I've already changed some of my thinking already. About the weight loss, I think I've lost like 2 lbs so far, but I've been on the treadmill a hour a day. Well these past few days, I've been by my sister and best-friend's apartment so I've slacked. I haven't attended church yet because I'm still in Houston. There's really only one church I would attend and that's in Baton Rouge. I can't wait until I get back this weekend, so I can start attending again. I talked to my mentor and she said I really don't need to start studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam right now because it's all of the basic info I've learned and will be learning, by time I graduate. So yea that is scratched off the list. Un let's see what else... Oh yea the recipe once a week thing kinda is working.I boiled crawfish a week ago. I can put that into action when I return to Baton Rouge. I've been working on being nicer. That one is a struggle. What else?? Oh my hair and this blog!! I'm still looking at different layouts so I can get an idea of what I want. I've been taking great care of my hair. I feel like it's been growing. I have yet to start building my savings because I am without a job still. I'm claiming this internship at an engineering consulting firm. Welp, I can't think of anything g else that's worth an update so toodles!!

My curls have been so pretty lately
Some crawfish I helped boil
Great history book
My self-help guide

Activating Your Curls Without Water

I went to the beauty supply store yesterday, with my sister. She needed some thread and a sewing net because she's getting her 20in weave back in. Yes 20 inches, but she's definitely working it. Her hair looks really cute and it's not ghetto looking. While in the store, I found a curl activator cream by Cantu. I already use their Deep Conditioning Repair Cream, so I decided to purchase the activator. I needed a product that I could apply to my hair and bring my curls back life, without adding water. My curls always end up smashed after 2 nights, from sleeping on them. I always wet my hair, to activate my curls again. This can be really annoying because I hate walking around with wet hair, although my curls look really nice. I've tried applying other creams to my dry fair, but they would always be too thick. So this morning I got up and applied the curl activator cream to my hair and I am in love. I found my solution to getting my curls back, without having to wet my hair. The product is lighter than most creams I've tried. It also has a great smell, and it doesn't leave my hair with a nasty residue. Once the cream dries fully, my curls are really bouncy and soft. I would definitely recommend this new product by Cantu. I know I'm not the only one with this struggle. Cantu products can be purchased at Walmart, Walgreens, or a neighborhood beauty supply store.

Before adding the curl activator
after adding the curl activator
The product!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Summer To-Do List

Since Wednesday is my last final, I figured I would put together a list of things I want to accomplish this summer. It feels great checking things off a to-do list.  This will help me because lately I have been feeling stagnant.  I will keep you all updated on my progress, as I check things off.

My Summer To-Do List
  1. Change my blog's layout and create a new logo
  2. Lose 25lbs and exercise four times a week
  3. Grow a minimum of two new inches of hair (hopefully this works with my new hair care regimen)
  4. Build up my savings account
  5. Pay off my credit card in full
  6. Read a new book every two weeks (that will be a big challenge because I never find a book good enough to keep my attention
  7. Work on being more friendly
  8. Work on composing my anger and frustration
  9. Decorate my bathroom and bedroom
  10. Write new posts every 2-3 days
  11. Start studying for the Fundamental of Engineering Exam
  12. Learn and cook a new recipe once a week
  13. Develop a better relationship with God
  14. Start attending church every Sunday and Thursday, again
  15. Save enough money to go on a trip by August 
Last Spring in Atlanta, at Piedmont Park.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Study Hair During Finals

I'm so excited that my first semester back at LSU is finally over. I only took 2 engineering classes, Circuits and Statics. I'm so happy the semester flew by. Now it's time to go hard and study for finals. I have a final on Monday and a final on Wednesday. I swear this is the most stressful time of the year. I'm trying to keep calm. During finals, I never do my hair. It's always wild because for some reason I stay rubbing my scalp and combing my finger through my hair. I also pick my hair out, with my fingers. After two days, of study, my hair is a huge afro. I feel like a wild child and I love it. My hair acts as a stress reliever for some strange reason. It's a habit that I can't break and I don't plan on breaking.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Controlling Your Edges

Whenever I wear my hair curly, a few hours later my edges are bushy. I tried using gel and pomade, but that didn't do the trick. One day, I was sewing my friend's tracks in and she showed me Edge Control by Olive Oil. She has relaxed hair and raved how well it worked for her. I didn't think it would work on my hair, but much to my surprise it did. I finally decided to buy myself some Edge Control, and I will definitely use this product often. The product is really thick, but it goes on smoothly and it gives hair a shine. This product can be purchased at Walgreens or beauty stores. I paid $5 and some change for mine.

Left picture is before Edge Control and right side is after Edge Control

Friday, April 27, 2012

Loose Braid Tutorial

Today I woke up and my hair was a big mess, so I decided to do a simple braid.  I was surprised how cute it came out.  I received a lot of likes on my instagram: lovedrea, when I posted the picture.  I decided to do a video tutorial, for anyone who may want to try this cute style.  I really love this style and you can dress it up with a cute headband or a cute flower pin.