Get More Defined Curls By Shingling

May 30, 2011

Many naturals have a hard time getting non-frizzy defined curls.  One day I decided to figure out a way to get my curls more defined.  I was so tired of having some curls frizz-less and defined and others just in waves or extremely frizzy.  Little did I know,what I was doing is called "shingling".  I thought I found a new trick, until I looked on blogs sites and saw people talking about it. Every time I shingle my hair, it takes about 30min.  I think once my hair becomes a nice length it will be faster to do.  The products I use on my hair when shingling are: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, It Feels Like Silk (a gel by Elasta QP), and L'Oreal EverSleek Humidity Defying Leave In Cream. 
I start by making sure that my hair is drench with water then I apply the oils to my hair.  I then begin to shingle my hair.  I start at the very back of my hair and section it off in really small parts.  Then I apply the gel and the cream to my hair and comb it through with a rat tail comb.  I continue until I reach the top of my head.  If my hair starts to dry during the process, I just re-wet the pieces of hair that aren't shingled yet.  Once I'm done shingling my hair, I usually add 2 dime-sized drops of gel and cream throughout my hair.  Sometimes if my hair is too wet after I'm done shingling, I usually run a blow drying through it on the cold setting to remove some of the water.  After I'm done shingling my hair, I have more defined curls and my hair tends to frizz less.  I still sometimes battle with a few pieces of hair that likes to do their own thing.
Here's a good video showing how to shingle hair
Side view after shingling

I rushed so my left side isn't that great

Closer picture of the curl definition

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  1. so are you using the curl pudding or just the natural oils you place in your blog?

  2. I use natural oils as well as gel by Elasta QP called It Feel's Like Silk and Moisture Stretch (which is a cream by Mizani's True Textures line). If I run out of the Mizani, then my backup is L'Oreal EverSleek Humidity Defying Leave In Cream.

  3. Looks good. I am going to try this. Just big chopped last night, after transitioning for 7 mos and was shocked at the cottony hair. It was so defined when I transitioned. So, I am learning that dealing with natural hair is different from transitioning -- for me at least.