Mega Puff Tutorial

August 10, 2016

My go to hairstyle this summer is a mega puff.  It's so effortless and it gives me the big hair look, without having to wear my hair down.  I really enjoy wearing my hair like this because I can go to sleep and wake up the next morning without having to fix my hair.  The only thing I do at night is tie a thin scarf around my head, so that my edges can lie flat the next morning.  It's easier to achieve this style on an old wash-n-go instead of freshly shampooed hair.  Whenever I do it on freshly shampooed hair, It takes two days for my puff to become huge enough the way I like it.

Before starting this style, I apply Eco Styler Olive Oil gel around my edges and brush my hair to the middle of my head.

I use an elastic headband and cut it in half to tie my hair.

I start by wrapping the head band around the edge of my hairline.

Next I cross the two ends of the headband, just like you would when tying a shoe, and begin pulling both ends of the headband tighter in the front of my head so that the majority of my hair is being pulled almost to the top of my head.  Afterwards, I tie a knot in the headband.

Once I've pulled my hair into the desired size of the puff, I push the head band back from the top of my head so that my hair don't rest on my forehead.

And I'm done!!

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