Frizz- Free Braid Out

July 31, 2016

braid out on natural hair
braid out on natural hair
 braid out on natural hair

There are several things that contribute to a frizz-free braid out.  For starters, the hair must be moisturized properly. While braiding the hair, remember to comb the pieces of hair with a fine tooth comb to keep the hair smooth.  Leave an inch of hair un-braided and add perm rods to the ends.  Make sure your hair is completely dry before taking it down.

Before starting my braid out, I shampoo my hair with Kera Care Cleansing Cream and then deep condition with Kera Care Humecto Creme Conditioner for 15 minutes.  Afterwards I apply Kera Care Leave-In Conditioner and It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin.  For my styling product I apply Mizani Curl Define Pudding and use DevaCurl Light Defining Gel.  The gel helps lay down any stray hairs.  I usually keep my hair braided for half the day, so that it can dry completely.  I only sit under the dryer if I'm in a rush.  Once my hair is dry, I apply unrefinde coconut oil to each braid before unraveling it.   In order to create volume, I use my fingers to lift my roots and I shake my head from side to side a few times.  If my hair still doesn't have the desired volume, I pull some of the strands apart in areas that seems flat.

Before adding any products to my hair

After my hair dried

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  1. I tried my first braid out last night, after a year of being natural, I love it! It gives me so much more definition than my two strand twist out. Thanks for the tips Drea! ������

    1. That's so good to hear because the first time I did a braid out, I hated it.