At Home Hot Oil Treatment to Restore Hair

June 18, 2016

No matter if you have relaxed or natural hair, your hair can be easily damaged if not for proper care.  Heat styling, chemical processing, and constant brushing can damage hair.  Hair becomes dry, brittle, and it lacks luster.   Hot oil treatments restore softness, moisture, and luster.  Treatments also helps reduce frizz.  Hot oil treatments can be purchased at many drug and beauty supply stores.  You can also make your own hot oil treatment.  The only ingredients you need are unrefined organic coconut
oil, olive oil, and almond oil.  Below are instructions for applying the hot oil treatment to hair.  Depending on the thickness and length of your hair will determine how much oil you think you need to apply.  Make sure to mix equal parts of the 3 oils. After your hair is washed and conditioned, you can apply the hot oil treatment.

  1. In a microwave friendly container, apply coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil, and heat for one minute.
  2. Transfer oils to an applicator bottle for easy application.  If no bottle is around, you can still perform the treatment, but it can be messy.
  3. While the oils are cooling, part hair into four sections
  4. Before applying the oils, make sure it's cool enough to where it won't burn your scalp, but still warm.
  5. Take one section and apply oils from scalp to the ends
  6. Once application is done, massage the oils in your hair
  7. Place a plastic shower cap on your head for 15 min and apply a dryer to it or warm towel
  8. Rinse out oils, shampoo with a light shampoo and condition
Hot oil treatments are a great way to restore moisture, reduce frizz and add shine to hair.  Treatments can be done on a monthly basis.  I'm always satisfied with the softness and shine, after a treatment.

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