The Myth About Black Hair Growth

July 06, 2011

 The #1 myth about black hair is that it grows slower than any other race.  This is not the case at all.  Most people hair grows no longer than a 1/2 inch a month, when hair is in the anagen phase.  The anagen phase is the period when hair grows a 1/2 inch a month.  Some people have shorter anagen phases than others, but it is not limited to race.  The reason many blacks have problems with growing long and healthy hair is due to improper hair care treatment.  Black hair is the most fragile hair of all races.  Our hair is very fragile because it is the driest of all hair types.  The tighter the curl, the dryer it will be because our scalp does not produce enough natural oils for our hair.

Many blacks do not properly moisturize their hair; therefore, hair will become dehydrated and break.  Hair breakage will cause hair to look as if it is not growing because you are not able to retain the new length.  Using relaxers and heat styling dries out the hair even more and increases the chances of breakage.  Hair may appear as if it is growing slower because it is curly in its natural state and not straight.

Diet and exercise also affects hair growth in blacks.  Studies have shown that the black community are not getting the proper nutrition in their diets and are not exercising enough.  With proper diet and exercising, hair will grow healthy and faster.

Here are some tips to retain healthy hair growth:
  • Keep hair moisturized
  • Avoid moisturizing products with petroleum and mineral oils.  It traps moisture out of the hair and only traps moisture already in the hair.
  • Use water-based moisturizers to add moisture to hair
  • Stay away from harsh shampoos, instead use moisturizing shampoos
  • Leave-in conditioners to keep hair hydrated
  • Trim split ends ever 6-8 weeks
  • Avoid excess heat styling and chemical processing 
  • Avoid brushing and combing hair excessively
  • Deep condition hair 
  • Restore protein to hair with protein treatments
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy diet with foods containing protein, essential vitamins and green vegetables
  • Just be gentle to your hair ;-)

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