Let's Talk About Humectants

June 09, 2016

If you suffer from dry hair, then humectants can be your best friend.  Humectants are a great way to add moisture to your hair.  It is a hygroscopic molecules, which means it draws moisture in from the atmosphere and also retains existing water.  Humectants also have emollient properties.  Emollients are used to soften things and are used in many cosmetics, such as lotions and lipsticks.  The most common humectant found in hair-care products is glycerin (glycerin or glycerol).  It is an organic compound derived from animal fats and vegetable oils.  It is odorless and colorless when heated.  The compound is non-toxic and is a good preservative in many cosmetics and foods.

Although humectants are a great way to add moisture to your hair, some people don't enjoy using it because the addition of water can cause hair to frizz.  In instances where there is too much humectants, you can combat it with an anti-humectant to balance the two.

Most common humectants used:
  • glycerin
  • sodium lactate
  • urea
  • propylene glycol

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