Thursday, April 19, 2012

Body Lotion As A Hair Cream Substitute

About a few weeks ago, I went to New Orleans for a few days to spend time with my boyfriend.  I forgot to pack my hair cream (Mizani's Moisture Stretch).  My hair was a mess and I needed my curls to act right.  My only option was to use the natural oils and Jergens lotion, in my bag.  I was surprised to find that the Jergens was a good substitute.  My hair was really soft, once it dried.  The only negative about the lotion was it did not five my hair a nice sheen.  I figured next time I would use more jojoba oil on my hair or use a lotion with Shea butter or cocoa butter.  I know some of you are probably skeptical about using body lotion in your hair.  Do not be afraid all.  A lot of the ingredients in lotion are the same ingredients you will find in a hair cream.  Depending on the texture of your hair will determine the type of body lotion to use.  I think Jergens is good if you have really fine hair because it isn't heavy.  I'm going to try a lotion with Shea butter because I have thick hair and those lotions are usually heavy in texture.  I recommend trying body lotion as a substitute, if you don't have a hair cream around. 

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